Fitness for the Frugal

One of the things passed down to me by my dad, is that I am too, very frugal. I don’t like having to spend money on things I don’t need, or even on things that I want, but that are not a priority now.

 I try to cut luxuries since I’m not making a killing ;) things I love but avoid are starbucks, pedicures, hair appointments, spa days, expensive restaurants, victoria secret, any store that is not Walmart, rue 21 or Ross and yes, the gym. I would love so much to have a gym membership and take spinning classes, and yoga classes and make use of the pool!! But for the past years, that wouldn’t have been a smart choice. If I was gonna splurge on anything it was to see my family. I take a lot of pride in my fitness not ever making use of a gym. As a runner, I’m lucky that my sport requires just a couple good running shoes. I don’t ever go to a real running store, as tempting as it is! I’m loyal to my $50 ascics and love some mizunos on sale when I can find them. No need to spend $170 on the newest trend in running shoes. Just know the support you need. That’s why ascics do so good for me, thick gel soles are my savior! I run like I’m in an elephant stampede, just stomping away. I tried to go even cheaper with sketchers, but that was a huge mistake, those soles didn’t last 2 weeks with the way I stomp.

Besides shoes, you need some good running clothes. I’m super frugal on this as well. Of course I’d love to have the newest lulemon yoga clothes or the latest Nike shorts, but my wallet just doesn’t agree with me ;) Walmart has a great fitness clothes selection! 

This top and tights are both from Walmart, 2 tops for 10 bucks and 12 for the tights!!

And those are the sketchers I was talking about, pretty, but no good!

For yoga, you can get a yoga mat for under 10 bucks at Walmart as well! And while you’re there grab a kettle bell! They’re miracle workers!

Those are the only things I own for my workouts, a 20 pound kettle bell and my yoga mat. I use chairs, the couch, coffee table and any heavy milk or drink cartons in the house. 

If you live in the USA, you get to use the highschool track! I absolutely love to go to the track and have a different kind of workout every time I’m there. Sometimes I just work on the bleachers. Great to do jump squats! It’s nice to stay creative, that way things don’t get boring. 

Of course if you do have the money to spend on a gym, I say go for it. Don’t hesitate to ask fit people there for advise, they are more than happy to help! 

Grow up!

When I was 7 years old I decided I would move to the United States! My parents loved the country and were always talking about moving there. They planted a dream in me, that I still haven’t let go. I didn’t know yet how or when, but one day I would move. As a kid, I didn’t think about what that would mean, leaving my family, my culture, my friends.. Everything I knew in my little world. I always thought I’d become a famous singer. I thought as soon as Id set foot on American soil I would be handed a record deal. Then I could fly back and forth whenever I would please. So what’s everyone crying about?.. Oh how nice it was to be so naive ;) I know better now, it takes 1200 bucks and 20 plus hours to see my family. Not a little walk to the house I grew up in to have a cup of coffee to catch up with my mom, shopping sprees with my little sister, or driving down to see how opa and Oma are doing. People often think when I tell them I moved to this country alone, that I must have been the black sheep of the family.. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My family is very close. I had a wonderful childhood and have the best parents. Me and my mom had our daily Oprah session, where I would come home from school and we’d make snacks and watch Oprah together. Now we talk on the phone every other day and talk about the Ellen Show. Opa and Oma have figured out email, so we stay in touch. I might be thousands of miles away, but I’m still very close to my family. I often wonder if I would have stayed in holland some of my adult life, maybe until I was 20, if I would’ve ever left… I had no clue how hard it would be to persue my biggest dream. I left right before that stage in life when you start thinking about the consequences, and things that can go wrong. I thought I was invincible. Even though I only had money to pay for a car and one year of college, I knew I would be here forever. I had no plan B, this was it! And I’m still here, living with my sweet puppy and favorite person in the world, happier than ever. Living in a house surrounded by trees and flowers and silence, except for when our redneck neighbors work on one of their 5 pick up trucks that are broke down in the yard.. Haha I didn’t say I was finished dreaming! I still have big plans, but it’s nice to share those with the person you love. As independent as I have been, and as fast as I’ve had to grow up, I love not having to feel alone anymore. So far I’ve found everything I’ve ever dreamed of! I’m happy